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Who we are

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Nearing 50 years of establishment, growth, and expansion, the Chinmaya Mission's academic institutions in India, administered by the CCMT (Central Chinmaya Mission Trust) Education Cell have seen over one million students walk through their halls and graduate through their doors. In the year 2012, there were over 85,000 students enrolled, over 5,000 dedicated faculty members, and over 1,000 administrative staff members.

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Our Gurudev

Param Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananadaji

Our children , Our future.
"Children are the very cream of our generation and they are the makers and rulers of tomorrow. Upon then depends the future of the nation and the safety of our culture and tradition. Let us give them a healthy physical and mental atmosphere for growth ( integrated development) ingrain in them respect for and love for all living creatures (universal outlook), team spirit and national fervor (patriotism) and pride in our hallowed, divine culture(Indian culture)."

He is called a man of culture, who can meet calamities with unshaken faith in his own ideals, who in joys and sorrows, in successes and failures, can live up to his ideals, unruffled. Let us discipline all our physical contacts. Let us regulate our emotional transactions. Let us systematize our intellectual evaluation of things and beings , of circumstances and happenings- the means and the end. This is true education. We are trying for total uplift of our community. Coordinated and disciplined activity undertaken in a chorus of devotion to our sacred culture is the genuine need of the hour.

Our Guruji

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Param Pujya Guruji Tejomayanandaji

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Our ChinmayaVidyalayas are determined to achieve three fold noble Goals of Education - Vision, Spiritual service and Efficiency.

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H.H Swami Swaroopanandaji

Global Head, Chinmaya Mission

Exceed excellence with hard work
"Being the best is different from being excellent.For excellence in action, one has to perform well. You can be proud of what you achieved from that hard work. Gita is intended not for a failed person or dropout or an incapable one. It is intended for successful and capable men like Arjuna, who was excellent in archery and life. Through his hard work, Arjuna became excellent in action. Krishna through Gita taught him to exceed the excellence."

Dear Students, teachers, staff and members of Management at Chinmaya Vidyalaya ,Tarapur,
My greetings and best wishes to you all on this New Academic year. Education is truly measured by the extent of transformation that it brings in us. An all encompassing vision, ennobling attitudes and the quality of our actions reflect the transformation that education has effected. Gurudev's famous line reads, "Through individual transformation alone can world transformation be achieved." Let our education methodology effectively bring in this transformation. Chinmaya Vidyalayas are called 'Schools with a Difference'. Through your attitude, your service and achievements this year, show the difference that this wonderful Chinmaya Culture has brought in each one of you. I am sure that Chinmaya Vidyalaya ,Tarapur will continue its great work at improving the quality of life in the Tarapur community.
I wish you all a very fulfilling year ahead.

Governing Body

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Chinmaya International Vidyalaya is an undertaking of the Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (CCMT), Mumbai and is managed by the Board of Directors.


The CCMT Education Cell (CCMTEC), headquartered at Chinmaya Gardens in Coimbatore, India, is the governing body of the Chinmaya Education Movement. It integrates, monitors, streamlines, upgrades, standardises and facilitates the efficient and smooth maintenance and further growth of all Chinmaya Educational Institutions. It effectively forges communication and interaction between the working units of Chinmaya Mission worldwide with all educational aspects of the Mission to foster and strengthen the Chinmaya family spirit globally.